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Image Enhancements

The image provided was very small and at 300 dpi needed for printing the image becomes very pixelated (See resolution requirements). It would be best to send a bigger image and we will replace it. If you would like the enhanced image just simply approve the card.

So, here is what we did to enhance the supplied Image:

Image Enlargement

Image Sharpening

Dust Spot Removal

Hue & Saturation Adjustment

Removed Minor Blemishes

Tone Adjustment

White Balancing

Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

Quick Check

Please double check that all parts of the design are exactly as you want them.

Your order will print exactly as you see it in your last proof (digital or printed). We are responsible for the print quality. You are responsible for the content, including all spelling, grammar, accuracy of names, emails, websites, phone numbers, etc.



Complete information, correct names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Spelling and Grammar

Spell check performed, Fonts correct?


Contains necessary periods, commas, etc.


Any extra spaces or missing word spaces

Layout and Design

Anything missing? Size and position are correct?

Images / Logos

Are Images & Logos clear?
Upon receipt and review of the digital or physical proofs, an electronic signature giving GoEasy Printing permission to move forward with the final stage of production is required. After this approval form has been electronically signed and received, we will begin production. GoEasy Printing is not responsible for any mistakes that were present in the final approved proof*. This includes spelling, grammatical errors, spaces, graphics, etc. that are incorrect. GoEasy Printing does its best to ensure everything is correct, but our creative tools do not catch spelling errors, grammatical errors, or incorrect information so it ultimately the client’s responsibility to be the final check. Please proofread and check all information for accuracy before signing off on this approval form.

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